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 ok this is a tutorial on how to pixels but after trying this out i found it kinda hard to do it square by square.....i got confuse XDD 
so to do it an easier way is just follow your common sense on how to draw it's much easier to do if it freestyle instead of following an image 
maybe it was hard because you do those with breads.....maa~ anyway here's the tutorial  ill post pics but ill explain it more :D douzo~

1st find an image you will like to use for me it a cute umbrella and save it or taking a picture of the screen |:3. here the site

then open Paint
click on the pencil tool and click on the smallest size the program have

then go to view
and lick on grid lines or the shortcut ctrl+G

open the image you save earlier and work side by side and copy what you see on Paint
*NOTE* it might get confusing by this point because the grid line have you seeing color @__@

here it is with out the grids

did i leave anything out??? if i did then please tell me so
if you have any further question ill be sure to answer to the best of my knowledge :D
hope this help


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