May. 9th, 2010

new icons

May. 9th, 2010 04:58 pm
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i feel that i have been avoiding Photoshop work cause of school

since i take graphic design now i don't much work at home anymore XD;

also my graphic design teachers offer me a job over the summer break which pays $ 8 a hour

....i think.....idk i didn't hear the rest lol but now i'm lost

i was finally going to take Japanese classes this year

and even was going to transfer to a school that have Japanese classes

and the only school that have those kind of classes are those elite school that give you too much work

i mean it not that i cant do it i just become lazy hehehe forgave me mom XDD

well back to the main topic i going to make icon that have Comic!Arashi here's 2 example

it's really cute isnt it ??? :)) (and yes they are photoshop XDD)

and to get off topic i like a new band
a rock band that's sooo RAW!!!!! IM GOINT TO FOLLOW THEM NOW since flumpool seem to be on a little hiatus >__>
if you want to know them their called ONE OK ROCK :D

now i fell like reading manga with rock stars as the story line XDD (like the manhwa teen spirit)

well then mata minna~~!!


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