May. 20th, 2010

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hello as im typing right now im making many many mistake maybe cuz in tried and i took too many test my brain is not working right(plus im trying to type an essay O__o) so sorry but let me say that im done with the 3 days of testing~!~!!!@#$#$#@GCVCNN

(for now) XD

i still have 2 more test days and thats on the 9 and 10th of june so after that im done with school cant wait~

so with the title today i want to learn how to cook soo bad~~~

everything i try to make come out as a failure maybe im like sho-kun in a way im smart and get computers stuff quick but i fail at other stuff like common sense XD;;

...maybe cooking not my callin but i still want to make these good looking sweet just looking at them make my teeth hurt more lol

...but i been looking at this site for almost an hour or more and it just me want to make them more~~

too bad my mom wont like me buy them she says "it's a waste of money" XD *rolls eyes*

ill never get better at this rate!! :D but if anyone want to see the site im looking at here it is:

i hope it's in English like it is for me :P

so anyway minna you might not have notice but im on a semi-break due to tests and projects so i couldn't answer people reply back or there late im sorry >__< kk mate ne~


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