Aug. 12th, 2010

bad news

Aug. 12th, 2010 07:13 pm
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unfortunately i have to stop timing and just typset now
what's the reason? im slowly experiencing some hand and wrist injuries caused by typing and using the mouse pad on my laptop
i get much pain in my thumb area and index finger and my hand get very weak when timing i often have to stretch them but that doesn't help i even brought a usb mouse (the ones u use for desktop) but that doesnt seem to help either cause im still using my index finger but these injuries isnt just cause from timing shows it from MAJOR manga reading which is bring injuries to the top of my hand as i curl my hands to press the down key causing my bones to hurt (idk what these bones are called cause it been along time since i learn about bones XDD) so during the time i go to school im goin to take a LOOOOONG break from timing (manga reader?) and just typeset i hope it will get better or else i have to get a brace on my hand X__X and that's it :D i will have to tell riida when she get better :D

*insert a taemin saying "fuck my life" .gif which i cant find*


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