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hello minna-san ok this time i'll go in orderXD i now use SKYPE~~!! so if u want to come talk to me come on!! dont be shy~~ :DD i mostly be on alot oh my username is dsp94usa and plz leave a note saying how u know me XDD next on the list is my dream about ARASHI!! yaay XD yep i had a dream about these 5 boys and it was about~ ARASHI ARASHI FOR DREAM ) ok next thing on the list is i still havent work on my icon~~!!! :XX sorry been rly rluy rly lazy and only work in photoshop in school i will do it on my winter and i been doin to much skypeing and HW XDD and once i get my new charger that coming in the mail i will go back to work i hope they'll let me work again seein that i been unactive *sign* ok that it for the update oh btw anyone watch some of the hot new jdramas??? :3 bai bai mata ne~~!!!
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so today ill upload my icons credit to [ profile] katokathy for the scans so without further ado here they are made some .gif also ;D leave a comment if taking and credit me ^__^ 5X10 )
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soo today i bring to you my 1st icon project and i must say it was alot of work i was lazy, had things to do, and watching waaaaaaaaaaaay to much drama and japanese tv shows and reading manga and + i give up..well not really i might get back to the rest of it but im afraid it might be too late cuz of new mag scan and some communitys might do some...soo let's get one with my (lazy) work/or project on to my work~~!! ) soo umm leave a comment if taking and credit [ profile] helloshamone and [ profile] jesychan for the scans~~!!! ^__^ oh and tell me what u think the icon table credit to [ profile] 77words 


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