Mar. 23rd, 2010

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i hate writing paper matter of fact i hate English i think that why i love Japanese and Korean anything but English and my comp is mess up cuz my harddrive is gettin full i need one very very soon hopefully i get one in April :D

well this post in umm meaningless it just a break to get away from homework and plus my stomach hurt soo freaking much im soo sick and my head hurt again -__-;;

i also wanna change my profile layout to a more fresh cute theme cause it spring the one i have now look in a dark winter mood and im not in that mood any more so i have to go look for one

hmm anything else? hmm i always have this question when spring break come i wonder why but it always pop up and that is why do teacher give soo much work near the spring break or on spring break dont we have life? DONT THEY HAVE LIVES?! o__o spring break is suppose to be fun and enjoyable also to relax hence the word "break" i think teacher that do that have no life >__> really...

i also notice that i use the word "hmm" alot and "umm" HAHA XD well then mata ne minna-san :DD have to get back to my HW i might go watch some drama tho ;P


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